'This Week' Exclusive: Barbara Walters to Interview Senator-Elect Scott Brown

Coming up… Special Guest Anchor Barbara Walters interviews Senator-elect Scott Brown in a "This Week" EXCLUSIVE, plus a powerhouse roundtable with George Will, Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, Paul Krugman and Arianna Huffington.

Brown has single-handedly brought the Obama health care agenda to a screeching halt. The Republican who was elected to the seat held for 46 years by the liberal lion Ted Kennedy gives his first Sunday morning interview. Barbara Walters will talk with him in a "This Week" EXCLUSIVE.

As the Republicans' 41st vote, can Brown overcome gridlock in Washington? Is he the leading edge of a coming Republican wave in November? And now that he's on the national stage everyone wants to know -- just who is Scott Brown?

Roger Ailes
Plus, Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes makes his first appearance on "This Week," part of a spectacular roundtable, joining George Will, Nobel-Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, and Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post. They'll take on the President's State of the Union address and his pledge to fight for a jobs package. Is the fight for health care over? And with the Obama spending-freeze plan taking heat form the right and the left, will it do more harm than good for the economy and for Democrats? Those issues and all the week's politics, Sunday on "This Week".

You won't want to miss it.