11 Affordable Road Trips for Football Fanatics

If high-priced hotels and expensive football tickets have you watching your favorite professional teams from the sofa rather than the sideline, it's time to put down the remote and free up your hands to search online for affordable football road trips.

Hotels.com and StubHub teamed up to find the cities with the least-expensive hotel rooms and the cheapest professional football tickets. The result: 11 cities where the average cost of two tickets and a one-night hotel stay costs less than $310.

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The average cost of a domestic hotel room is $125 and the average price of a football ticket is $147. These 11 cities offer savings between 26 and 53 percent.

Jacksonville, Fla., home of the Jaguars, came in as the most affordable destination for football lovers in the country. Here, the average cost of a hotel room is just $97 per night. Pair that with two tickets to a football game -- $51 each on average -- and you've got a getaway for just $199.

Out west, the average cost of a one-night hotel stay and two tickets is $307 in Phoenix (Cardinals) and $309 in San Diego (Chargers).

The most expensive cities for football enthusiasts? New York ($749), Denver ($663) and Green Bay, Wis. ($653).

City- Avg. Football Ticket- Avg. Room Rate- Total Cost

Jacksonville, Fla. $51 $97 $199

Detroit, Mich. $67 $98 $232

St. Louis, Mo. $62 $109 $233

Kansas City, Mo. $71 $102 $244

Minneapolis, Minn. $83 $107 $267

Indianapolis, Ind. $82 $114 $273

Cincinnati, Ohio $89 $103 $281

Cleveland, Ohio $91 $102 $284

Tampa, Fla. $87 $120 $294

Phoenix, Ariz. $97 $113 $307

San Diego, Cal. $87 $135 $309

Grab a buddy, put on your jerseys, and hit the road.