Airline's 'Pancake Printer' Has Fliers Going Bananas

How many chefs does it take to make 180 pancakes in an hour? None.

July 24, 2014— -- How many chefs does it take to make 180 pancakes in an hour? None.

Behold, the pancake printer. "Just press ok," the machine in the Alaska Airlines frequent-flier lounge reads. OK, pancake printer. OK.

It's been around for awhile, but the airline tells ABC News the pancake printer is so popular they recently had to expand the hours the pancakes are available. That's good news for the frequent fliers that, according to the airline's recent blog post, have been known to rearrange their flight schedules so they would be sure to have an option to print a pancake.

It looks like the printer in your office. But instead of boring expense report cover sheets, it prints fluffy pancakes. There’s one in each of Alaska Airlines’ four Board Room locations, in Seattle, Anchorage, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.

According to the airline, the machine was invented by Marek Szymanski, "a Polish-Australian man with big dreams to automate the pancake-making process for Saturday morning family breakfasts. From 2000-2004, Syzmanski went through a number of prototypes, preparing and consuming more than 1 million pancakes before he designed the pancake machine we know and love today."

Watch the video above to see the pancake printer in action. No, it's not a toast selfie, but it's still awesome.