America's Favorite Place: The Top Five Spots

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WATCH 'America's Favorite Places' 5 Finalists Revealed

"Good Morning America" asked viewers to share their favorite places in America, and photos from spectacular spots across the country poured into our website.

From coast to coast, the audience shared their favorite places, big and small. Devil's Thumb Ranch in Colorado and Picnic Island in the Florida Keys were among the many spots that got shout-outs.

It was a tough task, but, in the end, we came up with the following five finalists and the reason they are so beloved:

The Top 5 Nominees

1. Lake Tahoe. Known for its crystal clear blue water and surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the lake, which borders Nevada and California, is a nature lover's paradise. For Nancie Goodnough, who cannot walk and hike due to rheumatoid arthritis, Lake Tahoe has been a place of healing.

2. Gulf Shores. The idyllic coastal town at the southern tip of Alabama has been a popular destination for families, and for the past 16 years, the Birchmeiers of Michigan have made the annual 18-hour drive there to frolic in the sand.

3. Acadia National Park. It's one of the crown jewels of Maine, with nearly 50,000 acres of jaw-dropping beauty. Aracely and Sergio Rios visited Acadia during their travels to the lower 48 states and said that, by far, Acadia was their favorite place.

4. Chicago's Lakefront. Running along Lake Michigan, the Lakefront is the perfect marriage of skyline and natural beauty. For those who have enjoyed running or biking along the Lakefront's vast trail, 16-year-old Brandon Gunn suggested they try the food in the city.

5. Glacier National Park in Montana. It's a wondrous landscape of spectacular vistas and diverse wildlife. Just ask Jennifer Pyle of Durham, N.C. Last summer, Pyle and 17 relatives chose the park for their annual summer vacation.

Which spot is your favorite? Tell us your favorite on Facebook and Twitter! Tweet @GMA with #GMAFavePlace. The winner live be announced live on "GMA" Thursday.