7 Wonders of Newport, Rhode Island

Lara Spencer explores Newport, R.I., a "GMA" "Most Beautiful Place"

ByABC News
August 3, 2011, 2:29 PM

Aug. 8, 2011 -- intro: The New England coastal town of Newport, R.I., represents life the way it should be.

But what makes Newport stand out as a "Good Morning America Most Beautiful Place in America?

How about breathtaking shorelines, gorgeous sunsets, sparkling waters, gilded mansions, fresh seafood, world-renowned sailing and a rich history, just to name a few?

Newport begins with three-and-a-half miles of elevated footpaths, providing the perfect view between the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean and 350 years of living history, including some of the grandest homes ever built in America. Just a few miles away, the town's picturesque harbor, known as "the sailing capital of the world," is home to America's Cup sailboats, yachts and everything in between.

Whether you are visiting with family and friends or escaping for a romantic getaway, you'll find unparalleled beauty, an endless amount of sights and sounds, and endless amounts of ways to discover it all. Don't be surprised in Newport to see people traveling by car, by bike, by boat, of course, and even by Scoot Coupes, two-passenger scooters that let you see the town's scenery and sights at your own pace.

Head for Thames Street to do some shopping; listen to live bands while you eat fresh-from-the-ocean seafood at Bowen's Wharf; view the memorabilia of tennis legends, watch a sunset aboard the Weatherly sailboat; view the mansions of American royalty like the Vanderbilts, or just sit in an Adirondack chair on the lawn of the luxurious Castle Inn and soak it all in, Newport has something for everyone.

Newport's sheer beauty, and relaxing atmosphere is a simple reminder of what living really means. It's safe to say you have not experienced life's pleasures until you've made a trip to this treasure-by-the-sea.