Hotel-Celeb Smack Downs

Celebrities and luxe hotels go together like peas and carrots. Or is it oil and water? Depends on the celeb. A well-behaved celebrity is a hotel publicist's dream come true: photos of the famous face splashed all over the Internet with the hotel in the background is sure to drive bookings.

But a badly behaved celebrity? Hotels would probably rather they stayed home. From Lindsay Lohan to Vince Neil, here are six celebrity–hotel smack downs.

Lindsay Lohan

The troubled actress was reportedly banned from the exclusive Chateau Marmont this week after she failed to pay a $46,000 bill she'd racked up when she was a guest at the hotel for 47 days.

In a letter obtained by TMZ to Lohan from the hotel's general manager, the actress was asked to remove her belongings from her suite by 12 p.m. on Aug. 1, 2012. The letter notes that the hotel had made repeated attempts to settle the bill, to no avail.

Joe Francis

A three-year battle between "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis and casino mogul Steve Wynn, also the owner of the Wynn Las Vegas, rages on in court. Francis claims Wynn sent him an email in which the mogul threatened to murder Francis over a gambling debt. Wynn allegedly plotted to have Francis, 39, killed by bashing him "in the back of the head with a shovel" and then digging him a sandy grave away from the Las Vegas Strip, according to court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in 2010.

Wynn denies that such an email exists.

Vince Neil

In April 2012, Vince Neil, front man for Motley Crue, told the twitterverse: "Do [sic] to recent events, including distrust and dishonesty at the executive level, I will never again step foot @palms property." While the details of what exactly transpired are sketchy, apparently there was an incident at Las Vegas' Palms Casino Resort restaurant, Little Buddha.

Russell Crowe

In June 2005, Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe threw a phone at the concierge at New York's Mercer Hotel. ABC News reported that Crowe, who later pleaded guilty to charges, was apparently angry because he couldn't call home to Australia. There were also rumors of a multi-million dollar settlement paid to the concierge.

Courtney Love

Lindsay Lohan isn't the only celebrity to be implicated in a jewelry heist. In October 2011, Courtney Love was ordered to pay more than $100k for missing jewels she had borrowed from the famed Jacob & Co. store in New York City.

Love reportedly borrowed four pieces of jewelry for a gala she was attending but only returned one. Love claimed she gave the rest of the jewelry to the staff of the Mercer Hotel – where she was staying – to return for her, and that the hotel staff lost the bag containing the jewels.

Charlie Sheen

In October 2010, there was a call to the police by Plaza Hotel security about a disorderly man in a room. That man was Charlie Sheen.

Sheen was found drunk and screaming that he thought he'd lost his wallet, sources told ABC News at the time. An unidentified woman found in his room had reportedly accompanied Sheen and Richards to an expensive dinner hours before, according to the sources.

Sheen's publicist offered a much different version of what led the actor to the hospital, saying that "Charlie had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication."

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