Could Clintons Ruin Other Bride's Wedding?

What to do if Chelsea Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky Rhinebeck wedding is same weekend.

July 23, 2010, 4:35 PM

July 26, 2010— -- It's a bride's nightmare: You spend two years planning a wedding only to find out that the former president's only daughter is getting married a few miles away.

Road closures, paparazzi and possibly military helicopters flying overhead could ruin your perfect day.

For Emn Haddad-Friedman and Alex Bero, that nightmare has become a reality.

The pair of 28-year-olds booked a wedding site in New York's Hudson Valley two years ago. Little did they know that Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky would choose the nearby village of Rhinebeck to tie the knot the same weekend.

"I know she's not doing it on purpose," Haddad-Friedman, a Brooklyn-based schoolteacher told Yahoo Shine the other day. "But Chelsea Clinton has taken what was supposed to be a special day for me [and] turned it into hell."

The big issue is that Haddad-Friedman and Bero are getting married north of Rhinebeck in Germantown and their reception is taking place south of Rhinebeck in Staatsburg.

Guests driving down Route 9 from the ceremony to the reception normally would pass right through what is going to be the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding circus.

Village Mayor James Reardon said there are going to be road closures surrounding the event "but nothing major."

He said guests at Haddad-Friedman and Bero's wedding will be able to get between the two towns with minor detours.

"I think her concerns are completely unfounded," Reardon told ABC News. "You are going to go a few miles out of your way, but I don't know why she is saying this is going to mess up her wedding plans, because it's not."

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Traffic

The most direct route between the ceremony and reception sites is 18.3 miles. Detouring around Rhinebeck by taking Route 9G -- the way Reardon suggests -- adds two-and-a-half miles to the trip, according to Google Maps.

An even more restrictive route would add eight miles on to the trip -- not ideal, but not a nightmare either.

Since Haddad-Friedman spoke with Yahoo Shine, reporters have flooded Haddad-Friedman and Bero with interview requests.

But not all the publicity has been good. Some reports alleged the bride overacted and was seeking publicity.

Now, couple is keeping their mouths shut. But because of the high number of requests and "the inaccurate comments that continue to be reported," Haddad-Friedman and Bero e-mailed reporters a statement.

"Our purpose in the original interview was to share the joy and excitement we felt because of our upcoming wedding. We would like to reiterate that we did not contact the media, they contacted us," the couple said the e-mail. "We told the original reporter about the love our family and friends have shown us, about Alex's beautiful proposal, and that even if none of our guests could make it we were still going to get married."

Haddad-Friedman and Bero said they -- like anyone else who has ever planned a wedding -- were concerned about logistics.

"But we never wanted to complain to the public and have no animosity towards the Clintons. While a wedding is an important event, our focus has and always will be our commitment to each other and the life we will share after the wedding," they said. "We wish only the best for the Clinton and Mezvinsky families on July 31st and into the future."

Clinton Wedding Publicity Forces Couple to Take Down Website

The couple also decided "in the name of privacy" to take down their wedding website.

A spokesman for the Clintons did not return phone and e-mail requests for comment.

Haddad-Friedman and Bero met 10 years ago as undergraduates at Bard college. He proposed to her on the steps of the college chapel, minutes away from the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding site. So the Hudson Valley was the natural choice for their wedding.

For the reception, the couple settled on the reception call at the Dinsmore golf course. Catering there happens to be run by local restaurant Terrapin, which also is rumored to be the site of Clinton's rehearsal dinner.

At least there's one bit of good news: The couple booked a block of hotel rooms nearly two years ago, so guests won't have to fight world leaders for a pillow to rest their heads at night.

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