Expedia Ranks the Most-Annoying Hotel Guests You'll Encounter on Vacation

How many have you encountered?

— -- If you don't recognize any of these annoying hotel guests, perhaps you're one of them.

Only slightly less aggravating are the "hallway hellraisers." You know they type -- crashing around and yelling outside your room while you're trying to get some R&R.

"While etiquette violations differ, they tend to come down to the same behavior: whether or not guests respect the strangers in close proximity to them," said John Morrey, vice president and general manager of Expedia. "The same is true for flying, or for driving. A modicum of consideration for your fellow travelers can go a very long way and may ultimately enhance your overall travel experience."

The Most Aggravating Hotel Guests

1. Inattentive Parents

2. The Hallway Hellraisers

3. The Complainers

4. The In-Room Revelers (noisemakers nearby)

5. The Bickerers

6. The Poolside Partiers

7. The Loudly Amorous (indiscreet lovemakers)

8. The Hot Tub Canoodlers (amorous couples in a public hot tub)

9. The Business Bar Boozer (sloshed business travelers)

10. The Elevator Chatterbox