The Most Expensive Suites to Book for Inauguration Weekend

A look at some of the most glam hotel offerings for inauguration weekend.

At the Willard Hotel, located just blocks from the White House, guests partaking in the “Stay Like a President” package can do just that in suites named after Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams or Washington. And that’s not all.

This glamour comes at a steep price: $450,000 for four nights.

“It's the 45th inauguration so we kind of rounded a little bit," Deville explained.

For $150,000, guests at the Ritz-Carlton Washington, D.C., will sleep in a luxury suite, partake in a luxe pre-inaugural ball primping session and receive tickets to an Inauguration Day event at the Newseum, according to a press release. Guests are also given numerous gifts, including presidentially monogrammed pillowcases and a ceylon sapphire necklace -- the 45th anniversary stone in honor of the 45th president.

The Watergate Hotel is offering an “Unapologetically Presidential” package that “includes a private photographer, a private car, a half day of spa treatment, in bed breakfast, champagne and caviar, a monogrammed robe by La Bottega, and other [food and beverage] amenities,” Rakel Cohen, SVP of Design and Development, told ABC News. The cost? $60,000 for three nights.

“I think those days people are coming with long gowns, tuxedos, beautiful clothing and I think this is a moment people would want to be documented,” Cohen said.

If the balls and parties throughout inauguration weekend aren’t enough, the J.W. Marriott’s inaugural deal has it covered. The group package -- which is now reserved -- comes with four presidential suites and 325 guest rooms. The suites have balconies that overlook Pennsylvania Avenue and can accommodate a 300-600 person soiree.

“It's basically the best group party you could possibly have in Washington, D.C.,” Kristen Garcia, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing, said. “You get spectacular views, you're on the parade route, you have a $400,000 party that we're throwing for you in terms of food and beverage.”

This kind of gathering doesn’t come cheap -- the price tag on the “Presidential Ovation” package is a whopping $2.5 million.

Those with more modest budgets need not worry. A report from Airbnb estimates more than 10,000 guests will book a room through the room-sharing service at an average price of $125 a night.