Google's Top Travel Questions of 2015

What's there to do in Missoula, anyway?

December 17, 2015, 2:27 PM

— -- What's there to do in Missoula, Montana?

If that's a question you pondered at some point in 2015, you're far from alone. According to Google, that very question was the seventh most-asked travel question of the year.

(The answer, if you're curious, can be found here, courtesy of Destination Missoula.)

So what else do travelers want to know? They're curious about things to do in St. Louis (6), Louisiana (8) and Albuquerque (9).

And here's a test of travel knowledge. What airport is ORD? Many people don't seem to know; it was the third-most frequently asked travel question of the year. (Hint: it's famous for delays and is an important hub for American Airlines.)

Despite being two of the nation's top vacation destinations, the location of Disneyland (2) and Yellowstone National Park (10) is a mystery to most.

But the No. 1 travel question asked in 2015 had more to do with fashion. Turns out people planning to go to Cancun have no clue what to pack.

There's plenty of advice on that one, of course, ranging from towelettes to cozies to toys for local kids. But perhaps the best and simplest? A bathing suit and some sunscreen.

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