Hey Harry Potter Fans, Turns Out You Can Stay at Hogwarts, Kind of

The Wizard Chamber at London’s Georgian House is full of wizardly goodness.

ByABC News
October 25, 2014, 6:30 AM
Georgian Hotel bed
Georgian Hotel bed

— -- Merlin’s beard! This hotel room gives a whole new meaning to "magical getaway."

If you’re hoping to channel Harry Potter on your next trip, the Wizard Chamber at London's Georgian House is full of wizardly goodness: from a "cauldron" by the fireplace, to an owl figurine by the bed, from old-fashioned luggage under the bed, to "potions" in the bathroom. Just BYOW -- bring your own wand.

Guests who book the Harry Potter Tour Package not only get to stay in the Wizard Chamber, but the package also includes breakfast, a Muggle Walking Tour, and a Warner Brothers Studio Tour on the making of Harry Potter.

Want a preview? We don’t have a magic mirror, but we DO have great photos:

PHOTO:  Georgian Hotel chair
Georgian Hotel chair
PHOTO: Georgian Hotel potions
Georgian Hotel potions
PHOTO: Georgian Hotel chandelier
Georgian Hotel chandelier
PHOTO: Georgian Hotel "cauldron"
Georgian Hotel "cauldron"