Ikea to Open Budget Hotels

Ikea, the Swedish budget furniture retailer, plans to open 100 hotels across Europe for cost-conscious travelers.

Hopefully, the hotel guests won't have to assemble their own furniture.

The first hotel is expected to open in Germany. The location is to be announced in the coming weeks. Few other details are available, but the Financial Times reported the hotels will not use the Ikea name or be run by Inter Ikea, the company that owns Ikea. Instead, Ikea will collaborate with an established hotel operator.

Ikea has dipped its toe into the lodging business once before. In 2007, the company offered overnight accommodations to customers who wanted to extend their shopping hours. In addition to hostel-like accommodations, Ikea also offered a bridal suite, a luxury suite and family rooms, the Associated Press reported.

And though there are no official overnight accommodations at Ikea stores in China, that doesn't stop customers from catching up on their beauty sleep in the store. According to recent reports, it's common for the Chinese to plan a day at Ikea in order to enjoy the air conditioning, food and of course, comfy furniture.

The company may want to wait awhile before opening hotels in China. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, right?

Would you check in to an Ikea hotel? Ever fallen asleep in an Ikea store? Tell us in the comments section below.