This Luxe Hotel is on a Mission to Save the Tasmanian Devil

Poor little devils are on the 'verge of extinction."

— -- It may not sound as glamorous as saving the whales, but one luxury hotel has made it its mission to save the Tasmanian Devil.

The Tasmanian Devil population -- the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial -- is threatened by a contagious cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease.

Saffire Freycinet, located in Tasmania, Australia, was recently named the Best Overall Boutique Hotel in the World by TripAdvisor.

Saffire Freycinet's TripAdvisor award has brought the state’s tourism to a new level, the hotel said, "allow Saffire to further increase awareness for conserving Tasmanian wildlife that is an integral part of the Saffire experience."

The Tasmanian Devil is crucial to tourism in the area.

“No Tasmanian experience is complete without coming face to face with a Tasmanian devil," said Justin King, General Manager, Saffire Freycinet, "so we are thrilled that we can provide guests with this quintessential experience, play a part in this important research and also provide a sanctuary for these retired devils.”

Guests will visit Saffire’s open-range devil enclosure to observe the devils, hear about their plight and the need to find a cure to Devil Facial Tumour Disease. Led by expert guides, guests will conduct a "visual health inspection" of the devils. The experience is free to guests.