Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Lazy Guys

Seven last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Feb. 13, 2013— -- intro: Face it: You're lazy. That's why you're reading this. You didn't plan ahead and now you're scrambling for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your partner. Luckily, we've got you covered with a few last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas, ranging from poetry to "home-cooked" meals. Almost all of the gifts are available for overnight delivery.

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quicklist: 1 category: title: Too Lazy to Paint a Picture url: text:Guys, this one comes with a bonus for you. Not only do you not have to spend hours painting a portrait of your beloved, but you can also get a little something on the side. The Love Is Art kit allows you to capture your lovemaking on canvas. The kit comes equipped with the essential items (think washable, nontoxic paint and such) necessary to make an abstract masterpiece with your partner while being intimate. Hang your little secret right on the wall for all to see and exchange a knowing glance every time someone compliments your "artwork." Twenty percent of all Valentine's Day proceeds will be donated to the World Food Program. Prices start at $60. media: 18478264

quicklist: 2 category: url: title: Too Lazy to Remember Flowers for 'No Reason' text: Why be a hero for a day when you can be a hero all year long? Would your loved one just love flowers for "no reason"? Not only does the "Superhero" package from H. Bloom come with flowers for Valentine's Day, but it comes with two other deliveries on the dates of your choice. Simply plug in the delivery dates you want and the address where you want the flowers sent (H. Bloom suggests your office so you can arrive home with flowers in hand). Three flower deliveries cost $165. The service is currently available in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Dallas. media: 18478351

quicklist: 3 category: url: title: Too Lazy to Pick Out a Favorite Candy text: If you don't even know what kind of candy your beloved likes, consider Sugarwish. It's the first and only e-commerce candy gift site to offer candy customization based on a recipient's sweet tooth, guaranteeing your Valentine gets his or her favorites. Simply purchase online and send the e-card. Recipients select their favorite candies, which are then boxed and delivered, complete with a red bow. Prices start at $25. media: 18478627

quicklist: 4 category: title: Too Lazy to Write Poetry url: text:If you're not known for your way with words, writing a poem for your Valentine -- no matter how much you love him or her -- probably feels like an impossible feat. But imagine if you could just tell a professional poet how you feel, and the poet could in turn write the love poem for you? Poetry Salon pairs professional writers with novices-in-love to create the perfect just-for-them poems. Just answer a few questions via email or phone. Prices start at $175. media: 18478611

quicklist: 5 category: url: title: Too Lazy to Make a Reservation text: You waited and waited and now there's not a table to be found for Valentine's Day dinner. No matter -- as long as your loved one is a meat lover. Order meat from Strassburger -- the same people who distribute to New York's top steakhouses, including Smith & Wollensky, Lavo, Quality Meats and Peter Lugar -- by 9 a.m. PT on Feb.13, and earn extra points for cooking it yourself. Prices start at $60. media: 18478391

quicklist: 6 category: url: title: Too Lazy to Give Massages text: Make this Valentine's Day the last back rub you ever give, and let your partner know the Inada Sogno DreamWave massage chair is on its way. It combines shiatsu master massage movements with Japanese engineering ingenuity to deliver a full-body massage. White glove delivery service (additional $450) sets up the chair for the recipient, so no assembly is required. At $7,999 it's not cheap but think of all the other productive things you can now do with your hands. media: 18478594

quicklist: 7 category: url: title: Too Lazy to Shop for Clothes text: Of course, you could go to any number of online stores and pick out a sweater. But how many of those sweaters would be 100 percent cashmere at a reasonable price? And how many would benefit a good cause? The Red Twist cashmere sweater wrap is one-size-fits-all (no guesswork here) and comes in 15 colors. Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit a school for underprivileged girls in China. Cost: $175. media: 18478458