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  • <a href=""></a> has just released its list of the top 10 U.S. destinations with the highest percentage increase in summer bookings over last year. Topping the list? Country music mecca Nashville, Tenn. Bookings have jumped 365 percent over last year, Airbnb said.
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  • Following one of the worst winters in memory for most of the country, vacationers have been booking their summer escapes in droves – and are excited to visit new locales, according to Airbnb. New Orleans is known for its great food and jazz, and interest in the Big Easy is up 340 percent for summer getaways this year.
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  • An Airbnb guest checks in every two seconds in one of 192 countries around the world, according to the site. Palm Springs is up 334 percent. Airbnb said Palm Springs has transitioned from a winter getaway to a year-round destination.
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  • Portland, Maine: Long a popular New England destination, travel to Portland is up 328 percent.
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  • “It seemed like winter would never end this year and we can’t wait to pack our bags and escape for the summer,” said Chip Conley, Airbnb’s global head of hospitality and strategy. Pictured here, Santa Barbara, Calif. Travelers are exploring a wider range of coastal locales on the West Coast, and interest in this "gem" has risen 320 percent.
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  • Oregon Coast: Golfers, sand-boarders and dune buggy enthusiasts love the Oregon coast, helping boost its popularity 316 percent this summer.
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  • The Adirondacks: Whether it's the region's mountains, forests and wild landscapes, or just finding the right Adirondack chair by the water, New York State's playground is up 316 percent this year.
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  • Denver: The Mile High city saw bookings rise 306 percent.
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  • Coastal Orange County: "This area's beautiful beaches and easy living made it increase 306 percent," Airbnb said.
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  • Boulder, Colo.: At the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder's summer bookings are up 291 percent.
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