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  • This Plane is a Tiny McDonald's

    A DC-3 plane has been converted into a McDonald's restaurant in Taupo, New Zealand. For the last 24 years, the disused DC-3 plane has been parked beside the McDonald's restaurant. The grounded passenger plane has refurbished red and silver interior and seating for twenty. Eileen Byrne, the restaurant's 59-year-old owner, says: "The site was previously part of a car dealership, the Aeroplane Car Company, and the owner bought a disused DC-3 plane, which sat alongside the building." "And when McDonald's purchased the site in 1990, the aeroplane came with it."
  • Villa Escudero Waterfall restaurant in San Pablo City, Philippines lets guests dine on bamboo tables while getting soaked by the man-made waterfall nearby. Patrons report staff and guests regularly slip and fall in the water but that it's all part of the experience.
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  • If the thought of dining alone is just too uncomfortable, check out Tokyo's Moomin Café. The restaurant claims to have solved the dilemma of solo dining alone by offering customers the chance to eat with large stuffed animals instead. There's a selection of toys to keep you company over lunch. Here, he Moomin Cafe is seen in this 2012 photo posted to Facebook.
  • The Dreamy Camera Café

    The Dreamy Camera Café in Yangpyeong, South Korea, is built to look like a Rolleiflex camera. The café owners, both retired Army Aviation pilots, live in the house beside the café with their eight-year-old daughter. According to reports, the couple were inspired by their love of vintage cameras and completed the six-year-long camera café building in 2013.
  • World's Weirdest Restaurants

    Diners enjoy their dinner in the sky at the the Mont des Arts in Brussels, Belgium on June 6, 2013. Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 meters. The table accommodates 22 people with three staff in the middle. A similar restaurant is being built in Las Vegas.
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  • Barbie doll-themed restaurant

    A waitress holds up one of the restaurant's menus.
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  • Barbie doll-themed restaurant

    Waitresses wave in front of a Barbie poster during the opening of a Barbie doll-themed restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, Jan. 30, 2013.
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  • Wacky Eateries Around The World

    <b>Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan </b>Bringing new meaning to the phrase "potty humor," Taipei's Modern Toilet restaurant theme walks a fine line between funny and gross. Toilet bowls are used as seats and food is served in mini toilet bowls. Even the names of the dishes are bathroom themed.
  • Wacky Eateries Around The World

    <b>Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Miami, Fla.: </b>It's not so much that the restaurant itself is weird in this case, but rather that it has one very unusual offering: sushi served atop a naked model. The "human sushi platter" costs $500 and serves 10 people. It includes " . . .sake and the occasional conversation tidbit from the person under the sushi," according to ABC News.
    Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi
  • Wacky Eateries Around The World

    <b>Alcatraz ER. Tokyo, Japan: </b>Tokyo's known for theme restaurants, but Alcatraz ER is among its most disturbing. The restaurant is modeled after a prison restaurant and serves sausage made to look like human intestines and drinks out of mannequin heads.
  • Wacky Eateries Around The World

    <b>Tree Pod Dining, Koh Kood, Thailand </b> At the Soneva Kiri resort, guests dine in wicker pods that resemble birds' nests. The "nests" are in tree tops 16 feet above ground and waiters take zip lines to serve food. How do diners get in the pods? They step inside while the pods are at ground level and then are hoisted up to tree top.
    Courtesy SixSenses Soneva Kitir restorts
  • Wacky Eateries Around The World

    <b>Ninja New York, New York City:</b> The interior of this New York City Japanese restaurant is "designed to depict a ninja village of feudal days," according to its web site. The individual dining rooms are set up as a complex maze with "clever contraptions set up throughout."
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