Ralph Lauren's Niece Fined $2,700 for Foul-Mouth Air Rage

Jennifer Lauren began cursing after found crying in her seat.

ByLama Hasan
January 08, 2014, 10:55 AM

Jan. 8, 2014— -- Ralph Lauren's niece pleaded guilty before an Irish judge today to being drunk and unleashing a foul-mouthed rant at the crew of a Delta Airways flight that had to be diverted to Ireland earlier this week because of her unruly behavior.

Jennifer Lauren, a jewelry designer who lives in New York, was fined about $2,700.

The hearing revealed that Lauren's expletive laced mid-air tirade began when a flight attendant found her crying because her seat would not recline.

The flight attendant tried to help Lauren, but she barked, "Get the f...... out of my face," a police officer testified today, according to the British Press Association. When told to calm down, Lauren instead got more abusive, the officer said.

Lauren, 41, then followed the woman through the plane and into the first class section shouting incoherently.

"She told the air hostess she was going to go ballistic and pushed the air hostess hard and she hit her back against the wall of the aircraft," the officer told the court. Lauren called her a "f............ ugly, blonde b....," and called another attendant a "fat ugly, unhappy, blonde b....," he said.

When a pilot on a rest break intervened, he was called "an a..hole" by Lauren.

The court was told that the Barcelona to New York flight had to be diverted to Shannon, Ireland, to get Lauren off the plane, a stop that cost the airline more than $43,000.

Her lawyer told the court that Lauren had unspecified medical conditions and was sorry about the trouble she had caused.

A spokesperson for Lauren declined to comment.

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