More Seats on a Plane? The Solution Lies in the Lavatory

How on earth can they for more seats on an aircraft?

And if your asking yourself how it is possible to get even more seats on an aircraft, the answer lies with the lavatory.

Boeing is enhancing the design of lavatories in the 777-300ER, making them smaller on the outside while increasing the volume of usable space for passengers," Boeing spokesperson Daniel Mosley told ABC News. "Basically, we are reducing the space allotted to pipes, wiring and support brackets and increasing the space available to passengers. It’s a smarter design."

The company said that while the restrooms will be smaller on the outside, they will actually have larger sinks, more space about the sinks and more legroom in the loo.

Boeing said that in addition to the redesigned lavatory, other cabin enhancements like lightweight galleys and straightened aft seat tracks would in combination allow for an additional 2 to 14 seats. These enhancements, however, are optional.