Best Travel Gadgets for Spring 2012

Spring Break: Travel
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Spring break is here and lots of people will be hitting the road. But before you put the pedal to the metal, take a look at these top travel gadgets that will make your travels easier, more fun and most importantly keep you charged up on the road.


If you're one of those people who's devices are constantly running out of juice, and looking for a quick way to charge up your phone or your tablet, look no further than the bag on your back. The Powerbag has an internal battery that can charge up your gadgets on the go. It will charge a variety of devices, because it comes with different connecters with micro and mini USB tips, as well as an Apple connecter. There's also a separate USB slot available for charging an extra device, provided you have the cable. Powerbag says the battery can charge the average smartphone twice. Charging the bag is simple. It comes with an AC plug that goes directly into a water-resistant port in the front of the bag. When the bag is charging, you'll see a light indicator on the front of the bag. You can also take out the battery and plug the cable directly into it.

The best part of the sling model, aside from the roomy inside, is the ability to move the strap from side to side, depending on whether you're a leftie or a rightie. The Powerbag Sling comes in six different colors with a 3000mAh battery. You can buy additional batteries or upgrade to a more powerful battery on their website. Powerbag is also available in other styles.

INNERGIE POCKETCELL $79.99 Running out of power for your portable devices is almost a bigger issue these days than getting lost on the road. Where are you going to be able to stop and plug in your devices to charge them up? And what if you only have a mini USB cable with you but your blinking GPS needs a micro connecter. Innergie has solved that problem, and then some.

The PocketCell rechargeable battery pack can add hours to your devices, whether it's an iPhone, Android phone, e-reader, tablet, portable game console. If it takes a USB cable, chances are, you can charge it. Included with the battery pack is Innergie's Magic Cable Trio which has integrated smart-tip Apple, Micro, and Mini USB connectors, which means it's likely you'll have the right cable. And they're all connected so they won't get lost. You can recharge the PocketCell from either a laptop or computer, or an AC plug using a standard USB power adapter.

You can purchase the additional mini DC adapter with dual USB ports for $20

BELKIN MINI SURGE PROTECTOR $20 The hotel room never seems to have outlets. Or is it just that we have more things to charge at the end of the day? Either way, be safe and pack the Belkin Mini Surge Protector along with all your gadgets. It's a compact power strip with three AC outlets and two USB ports that also acts as a surge protector. The 360-degree rotating plug makes it easy to fit into hard-to-reach outlets. Never worry about stacked up waiting-to-be-charged phones again; just don't forget to pack it when you check out.

TP-LINK MINI POCKET WIRELESS ROUTER $29.99 The sad fact of travel in the connected age is not every hotel offers wi-fi in its rooms. I ran into this situation on a recent trip when I found only wired internet access at a very uncomfortable desk. The trouble was, neither my husband nor I had a laptop with us. we both had tablets that needed wi-fi. And who wants to sit at the desk? The TP-Link Mini Pocket Wireless Router was made for just this occasion. Plug the Ethernet cable into the back of the cube-shaped device, plug the device into a wall socket, and you have wi-fi that everyone in the room can access.