Miami (more) International

Miami International last week opened its new U-shaped South Terminal, significantly expanding its international flight capacity. Under construction since 2002, the facility combines a new and a renovated concourse.

Designed to resemble a fuselage, the new Concourse J features vaulted ceilings and large windows that create a spacious feeling, says Roberto Smith of MGE Architects, one of the designing firms. Its 15 gates connect directly to the Customs area, so they can be used for international flights. Delta dal, US Air lcc, Lufthansa dlaky and Air Canada are some of the carriers that will operate from the new concourse.

Four of the 13 gates in the older Concourse H can now handle international flights. Before the renovation was completed earlier this year, the concourse had been used for domestic flights only. The $1.1 billion terminal will eventually handle 25% of the airport's traffic.

Among its 61 restaurants and shops: Perry Ellis, Hugo Boss, Famiglia Pizzeria, Navarro Discount Pharmacy and Emilio and Gloria Estefan's Bongos Cuban Cafe.