Strange Travel Gifts From SkyMall

It's time to explore the wonderful world of SkyMall travel gifts.

— -- I love SkyMall. There's no better time-killer on a plane once your phone dies. And that was the trouble for the in-flight magazine, it seems -- too many fliers looking at screens instead of the ubiquitous seat-back gift catalog.

It's back with new owners and you'll find SkyMall in the United Airlines magazine (at least through the end of the year). Which means once again, it's time to explore the wonderful world of SkyMall travel gifts. And a wonderfully weird and beautifully bizarre world it is.

While SkyMall has lots of terrific, practical items -- from Sony noise-canceling headphones to fold-up magnifying mirrors -- other items are eccentric and seemingly unnecessary. Here are a few examples I found.

Business Meeting Preparation Gift Part 1:

If you wear your hair short and simple, cut it on the plane with the Single-Handed Barber ($59.95). Sadly, it's not for everyone. One reviewer said "It works for me" but as another noted, "I finally figured out where the expression 'it looks like you got into a fight with a lawnmower' came from." Female road warriors may wish to skip this one.

Business Meeting Preparation Gift Part 2

Handshaking takes its toll (just ask anyone running for president) but the Reverse-Grip Hand-Strengthener ($29.95) will save the day. Granted, you may look like a "Star Wars" extra while using it, but the gizmo promises to build you up for the "forceful gripping that's part of everyday life." Do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton know about this?

"Armrest Guarantee" Gift:

Tired of wrestling seatmates for the shared armrest? Suggestion: Wear the New York Pizza-scent T-shirt (on sale for just $9.99!) and watch them back away. Best part: the "scent lasts for up to 20 washes and can be smelled up to six feet away."

Home Decor Gift:

You've had a successful trip and now it's time to rest on your laurels, or better yet, put your feet up on your Sumo Wrestler end table ($284). A scantily-clad fellow supports a glass top which allows for "views from any angle." On second thought, that might not be such a good thing.

Thank You Gift:

Send your regards to a new client or hard-working member of your team and this is where our old favorite comes in. SkyMall's Yeti has been the face of the catalog for years now, and he's popular enough to come in several flavors, including Abominable Yeti ($99), Holiday Yeti ($9.95 per ornament) and the massive life-size Garden Yeti ($2,475). Nothing says "Well done!" or "Happy Holidays" quite like a hairy, mythical creature, am I right?

Rick Seaney is the CEO of FareCompare.

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