'Tis the Season for Very Strange Airfare Sales

PHOTO: American Airlines employees help travelers at the ticket counter in the Miami International Airport on Feb. 12, 2013 in Miami. Joe Raedle/Getty Images
American Airlines employees help travelers at the ticket counter in the Miami International Airport on Feb. 12, 2013 in Miami.

What's your pleasure? Mystery destinations, unknown airlines, gluttonous all-you-can-fly deals or maybe just a nice, simple impossible fare.

Find all these and more right now. But there are a few catches -- aren't there always?

Frontier Among the strangest sales ever was this week's Flights for $1. Like most cheap sales, the Frontier special was only available for 24 hours but if deemed a success, you know they'll repeat it. On Friday, Frontier launched a new Vegas for a Buck sale.

What you need to know Base airfare is a buck, but shoppers also pay taxes and fees so the final price is $15 one-way (and return flights may be higher). Nevertheless this was indeed a deal.

American The legacy airline is offering special air+hotel vacation packages good for travel through next July with "special savings" if you book with their promo code but the precise amount of money you save is only revealed to you at check-out. Note: This discount might be better for a longer trip because "when you spend more, you'll save more."

Azul This Brazilian discounter is currently offering an All You Can Fly Pass. Pay $299 and fly as far and as frequently you want for ten days, as long as it's in Brazil. Well, it's a big country. Note: JetBlue used to offer a similar deal, and no wonder; the same fellow, David Neeleman , founded both airlines. JetBlue's passes were wildly popular and it would be nice to see them make a comeback.

Germanwings The Lufthansa-owned low cost carrier offers ongoing Blind Booking deals which are pretty much what they sound like; you pay a cheap price for a flight but you don't know where you're going until the booking process is done. The nice thing is, you can pick a category such as Party, Shopping, Nature and more. In his Wall Street Journal column, travel writer Scott McCartney mentioned the airline's Sun and Beach deals which prompted one commenter to write, "Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that if I asked for a sun and sand filled getaway from a U.S. airline I'd end up in Baghdad."

Virgin Australia Down Under deals include popular (and cheap) Mystery Breaks which include air+hotel. Your mystery destination is reveal to you one day before take-off. Nice touch: Shoppers see a list of potential destinations and can exclude those they're not interested in.

Priceline This travel search site still offers customers a chance to Name Your Own Price and while they didn't meet my price the other day (I tried a ridiculously low $100 round-trip for New York-Los Angeles but still got a deal for $144 whereas the street price was $260). Beware: add more people to an itinerary and the price can really zoom. Finally, you don't learn the identity of the airline you'll fly until after you book so if you're mindful of miles or refuse to fly certain airlines, this may not work for you.

Cheap trans-Atlantic deals Anyone can find incredible savings if you don't mind touring Europe in the winter. Norwegian Air Shuttle currently features winter deals from New York to Stockholm or Oslo starting at just a hair over $300 - and that's the round-trip price. Then there's Wow Air, the carrier with the exciting name and boring slogan ("Iceland's most punctual airline"); their deals more than make up for this including a Washington, D.C. to Copenhagen flight in October for a mere $129 one-way.

Can't find these deals? Set airfare alerts, follow favorite airlines on social media and keep your ears open because dramatic deals like these often make the news.