United Airlines to Honor $5 Tickets

Computer error results in various tickets sold at a severe discount.

ByJoanna Prisco
September 13, 2013, 3:53 PM

Sept. 13, 2013— -- Travelers shopping for a deal saved a hefty sum booking on United Airlines on Thursday, after a computer error priced flights between $0 and $10. Despite the considerable goof, the carrier plans to honor all the discounted tickets.

"United has reviewed the error that occurred yesterday and decided that, based on these specific circumstances, we will honor the tickets," said Mary Clark, a spokeswoman for United.

The airline declined to release numbers on how many discounted tickets were purchased during the two hours of the mispriced fare filings. But some lucky fliers clearly made out like bandits.

Dawnica Jackson told ABC's Houston affiliate KTRK that in addition to a business trip to Washington, D.C., she booked a vacation to New York with her son for a total of $15.

"I don't know if I feel like I won the lottery, but it felt nice to have good luck. It was just freaky," she told the station.

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