$100,000 Left in a Burger King Is Whopper of a Mystery

Police trying to find out who left the cash behind.

— -- A blue backpack filled with about $100,000 was left behind at a California Burger King and police are trying to find out who left it there.

An assistant manager spotted the backpack abandoned in a booth, ABC's San Francisco station KGO reported. She called the restaurant owner, who opened the bag up to look for ID and found the cash.

"I open the zipper, I see lots of money, cash money, $100 bills stack up like half the bag," owner Altaf Chaus told the station.

"I said, 'Wow! Today's my birthday, this is my birthday gift!'" he added, joking.

But Chaus called the police instead.

"I don't want that money. Maybe it belongs to somebody," he said.

Along with the cash, police found candy, marijuana and a bank deposit slip in the bag, according to KGO.

They're working with the bank to find out who the cash belongs to, the station reported.