11-year-old aspiring journalist gets dream offer after a chance tweet

Katie Reddy got an offer to spend a day at The Washington Post.

— -- A chance tweet by a relative of an 11-year-old aspiring journalist in Connecticut led to her getting an invitation to spend a day at the place where she would one day like to work, The Washington Post.

It all started when Katie Reddy's relative, New York Times reporter Liam Stack, tweeted that his cousin's daughter had quickly become an avid reader of the Post after downloading the paper's app when she was only 9.

Katie's mother, Megan Reddy, told ABC News she and her husband had no idea their daughter was using the news app until one night at dinner.

"My husband and I were talking at dinner, talking politics, and Katie kind of chimed in with a smart, informed remark, and we stopped eating and looked at her and asked how did you know that and she said 'Oh, I read WaPo,'" Megan Reddy said.

Katie said she was recently asked in school about her aspirations, and she told the class she wanted to work for The Washington Post.

"I want to be a journalist for a newspaper when I grow up," Katie told ABC News. "It's appealing to me because you're able to write about what's happening in the world, and you can keep people filled in on the news."

Well, the Washington Post tweeted back at Stack that Reddy wasn't only welcome for a day visit, but "we're all excited to work for her some day."

That tweet went viral, one version wracking up nearly 20,000 retweets

Katie said that when she learned of the offer from the Post, "I just felt so happy. It was amazing. I never knew that would happen to me."

ABC News' Christina Powell contributed to this report.