12-Year-Old Called 911 After Intruder Broke Into His Home

A dispatcher used a code to help keep the boy calm.

Luke Fournier of Waltham, Massachusetts, was home last Friday when he spotted a stranger at the door.

“He just kept ringing the doorbell, then stood there, and then peeked in,” the boy said.

That’s when police said the intruder smashed a glass window and broke in. Fournier locked himself in his mother’s bedroom, whispering so the intruder wouldn’t discover him. After Luke contacted authorities, he was patched through to T.J. Deptula.

Deptula suggested using a code -- 1 for yes, 2 for no.

By the time police arrived, the suspect was gone. However, a man matching the description that Fournier provided, identified as Richard Poirier, was arrested after a police chase.

Poirier faces charges of receiving stolen property over $250, disorderly conduct, destruction of property over $250, possession of a burglarious instrument and attempting to commit a crime in connection with allegedly breaking into a home, Waltham Police Sgt. Joseph Guigno told ABC News. Poirier also faces charges of daytime breaking and entering for a felony and destruction of property under and over $250, according to Guigno.