16-Foot-Tall Rhode Island Snowman Brings Cheer to Area Dumped With Snow

Do you want to build a snowman? This dad does!

The giant snowman stands in the front yard of Rodrigo Betancur's family home. He built the snowman over the course of a week starting last Monday as a labor of love for his daughters who are huge fans of Disney's movie "Frozen," his wife Bernice told ABC News today. He finished this past Saturday, she said.

"I have two daughters -- a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old -- who are my Elsa and Anna," Bernice said. "My husband has been making snowmen for many years, and hopefully an Olaf will be on the way soon."

He started with a plywood frame as the snowman's base, packed it with snow, then repeated for the upper levels, Bernice said.

The snowman's top hat reaches the second floor of their house.

Bentacur started creating towering snowmen six years ago when he made an 11-foot-tall snowman, Bernice added. He tries to make a taller one each year, she said.

"My husband love to see them smile, and loves making people happy," Bernice told ABC News.