28-year-old woman's suspected killer is charged over 2 years after she vanished; remains still not found: Michigan AG

Danielle Stislicki, 28, disappeared in Dec. 2016.

More than two years after a 28-year-old Michigan woman vanished, a convicted felon is now charged in her murder, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said Tuesday.

Danielle Stislicki, a Farmington Hills woman who "had everything to live for," disappeared on Dec. 2, 2016, from her office parking lot, Nessel said.

A first-degree premeditated murder charge was filed Monday against Floyd Galloway Jr., 32, who is in prison for attacking a woman several months before Stislicki vanished, Nessel said.

"Galloway has long been suspected of luring Danielle Stislicki to his house and then killing her," Nessel said in a statement.

Stislicki's remains have still not been found.

Her mother, Anna Stislicki, said during a Tuesday news conference that "she's no longer with us, however, she is still missing. We continue to work with everyone here to find her remains and to get justice."

Nessel said she thinks this case can be successfully prosecuted without finding the remains. She did not elaborate on the evidence but called it "compelling.”

Within days of Danielle Stislicki's disappearance, police visited Galloway's home, Nessel said.

Galloway had worked as a security guard at Stislicki's office, reported ABC Detroit affiliate WXYZ, and after the 28-year-old disappeared, police took a mattress out of his home as possible evidence.

Galloway is already behind bars for attacking a female jogger in September 2016, Nessel said.

He was convicted of kidnapping, assault to commit great bodily harm by strangulation and assault with intent to commit criminal sexual assault, Nessel said. He took a plea and is serving 16 to 30 years, she said.

Galloway is set to be arraigned on the first-degree murder charge on Wednesday, Nessel said.

Galloway's attorney did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.