32 Cases of Commercial Grade Fireworks Are Believed Stolen, Government Official Says

The train shipment originated in Chicago and ended in Detroit, an official said.

— -- Thirty-two cases of commercial grade fireworks were reported missing and are believed to be stolen from a CSX train shipment that originated in Chicago and ended in Detroit, a senior law enforcement official told ABC News today.

The cases contained 500 pounds of material, the official said.

The cases include 2.5-inch and 5-inch aerial commercial grade fireworks, which is the kind used in public fireworks displays, officials said.

These commercial grade fireworks could be very dangerous in the wrong hands, the source said.

CSX said it is cooperating with the ATF "in investigating the apparent theft of a quantity of commercial fireworks from a CSX freight train."

"CSX reported the theft as soon as it was discovered, upon the train's arrival in Detroit," the company said in a statement Friday night. "Safety is CSX's highest priority, and CSX is committed to continuing to work with ATF in its investigation of this incident."

ATF has established a tip line out of its Detroit Field Division that is handling the case. The number for the tip line is (313) 202-3400.