4th-grader skips school for baseball game, runs into principal

A boy skipped school for a baseball game, only to run into his principal.

Tucker Speckman was in for a surprise at the Chicago Cubs home opener on Wednesday.

The fourth-grader had skipped school to attend the game, bringing a sign with him that read: “Skipping School. Shh! Don’t tell Principal Versluis.”

Tucker hoped his sign would make it on TV, but it reached even more people when the Major League Baseball Twitter page tweeted out a photo of Speckman and his sign, captioned, “We got you,” to its over 8 million followers.

What came as even more of a surprise was when Tucker's principal, Patrick Versluis, spotted him at the game after apparently skipping out on school himself.

"I kind of hollered, 'Hey, you're skipping school' ... and they popped that sign up and it was just complete humor," Versluis told ABC Chicago station WLS.

Tucker said he wasn’t worried about running into Versluis. The two even posed for a picture as Tucker held the sign.

"I wasn't nervous because I know he's such a great principal he wouldn't be mad or anything," Tucker told WLS.