90-year-old couple reunites after wife recovers from COVID-19

It was the longest they've been apart in their 67-year marriage.

Joyce and Don Hoffman had been apart for a month after she came down with COVID-19 on May 1.

It's the longest they'd ever been apart during their 67-year marriage.

Lines of staff gathered to cheer Joyce on – and and surprised Don, who didn’t know he’d be reunited with his wife.

"You look so wonderful ... so beautiful," Don told his wife when they were finally reunited. The two held hands and staff helped lift Joyce so they could embrace.

"How can you be so cute?" Joyce replied.

They are both now 90 years old and have two children and four grandchildren together.

Their granddaughter Melynne Klaus, told ABC News they're back together and doing well.

"After 67 years of marriage this was excruciating for them," Klaus said. "However, I am so happy to share that yesterday they were reunited and cannot stop holding hands."