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Family discovers a sinister scheme to cover up their son's murder by his business partner
By Allie Yang, Amanda Karrh and Tim Gorin
January 23, 2020 Story from US Allie Yang, Amanda Karrh, Tim Gorin , ABC News
Cleveland kidnapping survivors Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus on journey from captivity to helping others
By Allie Yang, Alexa Valiente and Joseph Diaz
January 1, 2020 Story from US Allie Yang, Alexa Valiente, Joseph Diaz , ABC News
A receipt from Target, a stolen car in Mexico and a third unsolved murder: Investigation into yacht murder of California couple
By Allie Yang and Andrew Paparella
January 16, 2020 Story from US Allie Yang, Andrew Paparella , ABC News
Michelle Knight's triumph over 11-year captor Ariel Castro: 'He doesn't define who I am'
By Allie Yang and Joseph Diaz
January 2, 2020 Story from US Allie Yang, Joseph Diaz , ABC News
12-time 'Jeopardy!' champion and viral sensation still works as bartender, hosting trivia nights
By Allie Yang and Alison Lynn
December 31, 2019 Story from Entertainment Allie Yang, Alison Lynn , ABC News
The fire station on the front lines of California's homelessness crisis: 'We're trying to stop the bleeding'
By Robert Zepeda, Matt Gutman, Abigail Shalawylo and Allie Yang
January 17, 2020 Story from US Robert Zepeda, Matt Gutman, Abigail Shalawylo, Allie Yang , ABC News
'Do we deserve to kill?' Attorney and exonerated death row inmate talk about the real story behind 'Just Mercy'
By Candace Smith and Allie Yang
January 9, 2020 Story from Entertainment Candace Smith, Allie Yang , ABC News
Pamela Smart on teen lover who murdered husband nearly 3 decades ago: 'I loved him'
By Allie Yang, Glenn Ruppel and Ashley Louszko
January 9, 2020 Story from US Allie Yang, Glenn Ruppel, Ashley Louszko , ABC News
Co-hosts of 'The View' say Super Bowl halftime show felt 'like the elephant in the room was ignored'
By Allie Yang
February 4, 2019 Story from Entertainment Allie Yang , ABC News
Shocking twist rocks Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher's war crime trial as medic confesses to killing ISIS fighter
By Allie Yang
June 21, 2019 Story from US Allie Yang , ABC News
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