911 Pocket Dial Leads to Arrest of 2 on Burglary Charges

Two people were arrested in Roswell, New Mexico, after they unintentionally dialed police immediately after burglarizing a home and discussed details of the alleged crime during their getaway while the call was being recorded by authorities, Roswell police said.

Aaron Burrell, 37, was arrested earlier this month after he unwittingly made a 911 call to police while driving away after he and Yvonne Thyberg, 35, allegedly stole a television from a house in Roswell in late September, police said.

“We basically robbed them, dude,” one of the two suspects could be heard saying on audio of the accidental 911 call released by police.

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Dispatchers listened to the unintended confession for nearly 45 minutes as the duo continued to discuss their alleged heist.

“I know we should have gotten a lot more, but you know what, my only thing is that we got away safe, clean,” one of the suspects said, according to the 911 call.

At one point, the song “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi could be heard playing in the background.

In another snippet of the call, one of the suspects said: “We rolled over to Hervey Street and took it out of the [expletive] house.”

A Roswell police officer was sent to the address mentioned in the call and found that it had indeed been burglarized, Todd Wildermuth, public information officer for the Roswell Police, said.

Police nabbed the two after tracing the call to Burrell’s phone. Burrell denied that his phone called 911, claiming instead that the device “was picking up a conversation among people in an adjacent vehicle who were speaking very loudly,” according to ABC affiliate station KOAT-TV in Albuquerque.

Burrell was arrested last week on residential burglary, conspiracy to commit residential burglary and receiving-disposing of stolen property charges, according to police.

Thyberg was arrested earlier while she was in jail on a separate charge, and she was charged with residential burglary, conspiracy to commit residential burglar and tampering with evidence in this case, police said.

Burrell was held on a $10,000 cash-only bond, and Thyberg, a $5,000 surety bond. They will both return to court Wednesday. Neither Burrell nor Thyberg has entered a plea.

A third suspect had been arrested in this case but the charges were dismissed, police said.