Enter to Win! More Americans Participate in Sweepstakes Clubs

There are more than 100 sweepstakes clubs across America.

ByABC News
March 8, 2011, 9:57 PM

March 9, 2011 — -- When the recession hit, it's estimated that the number of Americans entering sweepstakes doubled.

Whether it's because they have less money or more time, about 55 million Americans now participate every year. And some of them have formed sweepstakes clubs where they meet to strategize and fraternize.

There are more than 100 sweepstakes clubs across the country now. And these "sweepers" even hold annual conventions. "Good Morning America" attended the monthly meeting of the Chesapeake Crabs Sweepstakes Club in Reisterstown, Md., to see what it's all about.

Cars. Computers. Cruises. And Cash.

Those are the four Cs that every diehard sweeper wants to win. But now you can add another "C."

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Sweepstakes clubs. They meet monthly to trade tips and brag about their latest wins, which have included chocolate bars, gift cards or certificates, movie passes, a free makeup session and a cake.

Brenda Merson co-founded the club, and said there was some competition among members.

"Well there's a little competition in the way that you always hope to be the one that's won the biggest thing. And sometimes we'll do a little something like that, a little prize for winning the biggest thing that month."

This month, the big win is $500 cash.

Sweepstakes club members like winning so much that they hold drawings for sweepstaking supplies like envelopes and stamps.

"It's a high ... my daughter tells me I have an addiction and I say this is the best addiction I have ever had," said club member Michelle Boemmel.

There are rituals, like wish boards for prizes they'd like to win and brag books of contests they have won.

"I've won more things than I can remember," said another club member.

And there are strategies, such as colorful envelopes that stand out in a drawing and wrinkled entry slips with more surface area to grab hold of.

"Some people will make it like an accordion, some people just crumple. ? Hopefully, I'm going to rocket to winnings," Merson said.