Slowest Police Chase in Pa. History

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— -- B E T H L E HE M, Pa. — Officers say it was the slowest police chase in Pennsylvania history.

An off-duty officer in an unmarked police car spotted Mark Wenrich, 30, as he cruised down the shoulder of a busy road early Monday morning. The suspect was riding a todder's Fisher Price Power Wheels car.

"I saw this adult male riding one of these Power Wheels," said the officer, Investigator Jeff Mouer.

"He was holding his head with his left hand like he's bored."

Mouer followed Wenrich for several blocks, flashing his badge and telling him to pull over. He also called for a squad car to come to the scene.

Wenrich responded gunning the accelerator on the battery-powered toy, Mouer said, in a doomed attempt to get away.

"He bore down like he was going to go faster on this thing," he said.

"So I got out of the car and identified myself again," Mouer continued. "I actually had to jog up to him," he said before revising his statement, calling it a "fast walk."

The 180-pound, 5-foot 8-inch man reeked of alcohol as he sat on the tiny vehicle, Mouer said. He told the officer he was going to his uncle's house.

Wenrich was arrested and later charged with public drunkenness. Police later learned that the toy car had gone missing from the home of a friend of Wenrich, five miles away from the spot he was caught. They weren't sure he'd ridden it the whole way, but they wouldn't rule the possibility out.

"It might have went that far," Mouer said. "It's possible. Who knows?"

Sorry Excuse for a Robbery

A T A S C A D E R O, Calif. — First Nicholas Larson stole an empty cash register, police say. Then he was arrested after calling authorities to apologize.

Larson, 21, allegedly raced into the Bonnema Brewing Co. last Monday, grabbed a cash register and ran out to his friend's pickup truck, apparently without informing his companions of his plans, said Sgt. Kim Treece.

"The other people he went to the bar with had no idea," Treece said. "All of a sudden he ran out with a cash register and told them to go."

But getting away didn't prove easy, according to police. As the pickup sped off, one brewery employee tried to reach in and grab the car keys through the window, and another jumped in the back of the truck.

They drove around frantically, and made another unwelcome discovery, Treece said. "There was nothing in the cash register," Treece explained.

Eventually they dropped off the employee in the back, giving him the register. Larson allegedly called the bar to apologize the next day, according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, and police later arrested him.

Larson was charged with robbery.

"I really hope [the suspects] didn't know there wasn't money in the register," Johnette Pierce, the waitress who reached through the window to try to grab the car keys, told the Tribune. "Because that would make it even more crazy and stupid."

Something Striking About His Face…

F E R G U S F A L L S, Minn. — As he was loaded into the ambulance after being hit by a car, Morgan Taylor thought there was something familiar about one of the emergency medical technicians. He looked like the guy who hit him.

Police said Taylor was walking home with a friend on July 27 when they recognized a girl in a pickup truck's passenger seat at a park.

"They were starting to talk to them or harass them or whatever," said Elbow Lake Police Chief Luverne Sik. There was a confrontation between the truck's driver and the two teens, and pickup sped off, striking Taylor.

Taylor said he limped to a nearby clinic with the help of his friend, and a doctor called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

When the ambulance arrived, Taylor said he recognized the pickup driver as part of the crew."I looked at him; I think he looked back at me," Taylor, 16, said. "It was kind of weird. I was scared. I didn't dare say anything."

The driver told investigators he rushed off because one of the boys had become confrontational.

ABCNEWS affiliate WPVI in Philadelphia contributed to this report.Crime Blotter, a weekly feature of, is compiled by Oliver Libaw.

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