'Abandoned' Dog Chasing Pickup Truck to Be Up for Adoption Soon

Butterbean was taken from her "owners" and is now safe with the Humane Society.

Though Butterbean was found after she was lost last week, her apparent owner Lisa Pearson, did not want to give the dog up despite often leaving Butterbean alone to roam the neighborhood and allowing her to chase their neighbor's pick-up truck, Dorson said.

When Butterbean was found, Pearson "intended to keep the dog tethered outside," the Humane Society said in a statement, adding that local animal control officials issued her a warning.

She agreed to release the dog for $400 rather than take Butterbean to a shelter or vet, the Humane Society said.

"We certainly don't like to reward this kind of behavior, but sometimes it simply takes too long for cases to move through the legal system," Dorson said. "Our first concern was Butterbean's safety. We were convinced she could be let loose again to run in traffic at any time, and we might miss our opportunity to intervene."

The Humane Society also added that by claiming ownership, Pearson's family may still be held accountable for violating several ordinances relating to the dog's behavior.

Pearson did not immediately respond to ABC News' calls and messages requesting comment.

Butterbean is currently at the Furry Friends Animal Hospital in Harvey, Louisiana, and she will be up for adoption soon, Dorson said.

There will be an application and interview process for those interested in adopting Butterbean, he added.

The Humane Society of Louisiana has also launched a new campaign called "Butterbean Buddies" to "help reach more deserving dogs in need," the rescue group said.

"We're delighted that this story will have a happy ending," Dorson said.