About ABC News Live

About ABC News Live

What is ABC News Live?

ABC News Live is a 24/7 streaming channel for breaking news, live events, and great stories – all free.

Want to know what's going on? Don't have cable? Watch ABC News Live.

Where can I watch ABC News Live?

-- The ABC News website: abcnews.com

-- ABC News mobile apps on iOS, Android, iPad

-- ABC News OTT apps on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV

-- The Roku Channel

-- Hulu Live TV

-- Facebook Watch, featured during breaking news and major events

-- ABC Network OTT apps

-- Haystack TV

Ok, but what will I actually see on ABC News Live?

-- Breaking news, hourly updates with the latest news headlines and live events sourced from ABC News journalists around the world, domestic and international partners, plus curated content from across the web contributions from GMA Digital and Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team, including their popular daily column Significant Digits and the Politics Podcast.

-- Original programming. Today ABC News Live features the following regularly scheduled programs:

-- "World News Tonight Prime with David Muir" at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET

-- "The Debrief" for top news of the day, hosted by Kimberly Brooks, at 11 a.m. ET

-- "The Briefing Room" for politics coverage at 3 p.m. ET

-- "It’s Morning, America" at 7 a.m., and 8 a.m. ET