Aggressive Bees Cause Chaos in California Neighborhood

Two people were hospitalized from the swarm.

ByABC News
May 16, 2016, 9:07 AM

— -- Beekeepers were busy trying to make the streets of a Northern California town safe again after a deadly swarm of bees wreaked havoc this past weekend, trapping people inside their homes and cars and dive bombing pedestrians.

Two people were hospitalized as a result of the swarm in Concord, California, and two daschunds were killed after being stung 50 times each. The bees are believed to be Africanized honeybees, a subspecies known as killer bees.

The swarm had apparently taken over a hive of honeybees Friday. When a beekeeper tried to extract the honey, the bees swarmed and chased humans.

It’s unknown where the bees came from, but residents know where they went: into kitchen windows, people’s faces and a mail carrier’s hair.

“They were super aggressive,” said a woman. “They were going after us and following us and banging on the windows.”

The California bees even pestered police.

The hive owner said he destroyed the hive, but some of those bees are believed to be still buzzing around.