Alleged Bank Robber Arrested When Stolen Cash Falls Out of His Pants

Police say they saw him stuffing money down his pants while he left the bank.

— -- A California bank robbery suspect probably should have bought a bag with all the money he's accused of stealing since he was allegedly caught stuffing it down his pants during his getaway.

Officers spotted Canfield, 25, trying to shove the money down his pants and when they brought him back to the bank, the teller identified him as the robber.

Most of the money - $2,414 - fell out of Canfield's pants as he was walked through the police station.

During police questioning, the remainder - $334 - fell out of Canfield's pants when he was asked to stand up, police said.

Canfield admitted to the bank robbery and said he needed the money to visit his mother in Colorado, according to police.

According to KFSN, Canfield was charged with robbery and burglary and booked into the Merced County Jail.