Alleged Victim to Highlight Priest's Abuse at Assault Trial

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William Lynch, the Bay area man accused of beating the former priest that he alleges sexually assaulted him as a child, is using the charges against him to highlight what he says are the priest's unexposed crimes.

Lynch, who appeared in court on Friday on charges that he lured Father Jerry Linder to a Los Gatos retirement home for Jesuit Priests on May 10, where he allegedly beat him in front of several witnesses, according to San Francisco ABC News affiliate KGO-TV .

According to prosecutors, Lynch is accused of carrying out a premeditated attack on Linder and can be heard on 911 tapes making death threats against Linder, KGO-TV reported.

Lynch, 43, has said he will plead not guilty, but Lynch did not enter a plea during Friday's hearing before a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge.

Lynch was ordered by the judge not to have any contact with Lindner, the priest he says abused him and others more than 35 years ago.

Lynch has accused Linder of sexually abusing him and his younger brother in 1975 during weekend camping trips in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

According to Lynch, the two boys, 7 and 4 in 1975, were raped and forced to have oral sex with each other while Lindner watched.

Lindner has denied any sexual assault and has never been criminally charged.

"My hope in this assault case is that healing and reconciliation will come to all those who are involved," said Rev. John McGarry of Jesuits for the California Province in story on KGO-TV's website.

In a deposition in the late 1990s, Lindner said he didn't recall Lynch or his brother, though the siblings received $625,000 in a 1998 confidential settlement with the Jesuits for alleged abuse by the priest. Charges were not filed because of the statue of limitations on rape cases.

Demonstrations Outside the Courtroom

On Friday, dozens of demonstrators showed up outside the courtroom in support of Lynch.

Lynch's sister and his mother, Peggy Lynch, also appeared outside of the courthouse on Friday. She briefly spoke to KGO-TV.

"There aren't even words to describe what it does to families," she said.

Lynch says that he has been haunted by the abuse for most of his life, and has suffered alcohol abuse, depression, nightmares, has been divorced and has twice attempted suicide.

"Mr. Lynch is extremely resolute about this case," Pat Harris, Lynch's attorney told the Associated Press. "He is determined to see that justice is done and that's what we are going to see happen."

After Friday's hearing Lynch is scheduled to return to court on Dec. 7. His attorney says he will plead not guilty to the felony assault charge.

"Somebody needs to be a face for this abuse and I'm prepared to put myself on the line," William Lynch told The Associated Press in the first interview since his arrest last month. "There's nothing they can take from me that they haven't already taken."