Annapolis, Maryland, Mansion Fire: What the Family Did Hours Before Deadly Blaze

Don and Sandra Pyle spent time with their grandkids before early Monday fire.

As a special treat, tech executive Don Pyle and his wife, Sandra, took their grandchildren -- Alexis (Lexi) Boone, 8, Kaitlyn (Katie) Boone, 7, Charlotte Boone, 8, and Wesley (Wes) Boone, 6 -- to dinner at the Medieval Times restaurant on Sunday night, according to a family spokeswoman.

The family even stopped by Target before dinner, where they picked up special costumes for the visit to the themed restaurant, the spokeswoman said.

The remains of four unidentified bodies have been removed in recent days from the mansion's ashes, where relatives believe all six died in the blaze that started in Monday's early morning hours.

Investigators continue to comb the ashes for remains, as well as clues to the fire's cause, officials have said.

Today, members of the Pyle and Boone families offered details about each family member presumed dead in the fire.

Charlotte's younger brother, Wesley, 6, was described as a “sweet and loving” brother who looked up to his sister and wanted to grow up and build robots, according to the family statement.

Lexi, 8, “wanted to be a vet or on television when she grew up,” read the family statement. She was also very excited about her upcoming communion, the family spokeswoman said.

The family described Don and Sandra Pyle as loving grandparents called “Pop-Pop” and “Dee-Dee,” respectively, who loved the local sports teams the Ravens and Orioles, as well as traveling.

In a statement released Thursday, members of the Boone and Pyle families thanked those who have offered them comfort but added, "Our loss demands time and quiet reflection to process these feelings. We ask that you respect our need for privacy.

"Life is fragile," their statement read. "Make time today to embrace your loved ones."

The four-alarm fire in Pyle’s home reportedly started around 3:30 a.m. Monday and was reported by an alarm-monitoring company and a neighbor.

The fire is being handled as a criminal investigation, said officials. The U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has also sent investigators to help.

ABC News' Emily Shapiro, Bazi Kanani, Dan Good and The Associated Press contributed to this report.