Ariz. Police to Search Lake for Body of Missing Woman

Arizona police comb lake for the body of woman who disappeared on Father's Day.

June 18, 2013— -- Tonight Arizona police are considering conducting a sonar search of the bottom of a community lake for the body of a Tempe college student whose car was found with two punctured tires, according to police.

"Unfortunately, we have been down this road too many times before, where we have found bodies of young people in the lake. Nothing indicates that she is down there, but we are trying to eliminate everything we can," Sgt. Mike Pooley of the Tempe Police Department told

Divers Monday night searched for clues in the man-made reservoir but found nothing. They are hoping that a search using sonar equipment will prove more fruitful.

Adrienne Salinas, 19, was reported missing by her father, Rick Salinas, on Father's Day, according to police.

"We got the call from her father on Sunday afternoon," Pooley said.

Salinas was last seen on Friday night at her home near Gateway Community College, where she is a student.

"She was seen early Saturday morning by her roommate. Salinas told her roommate she was going to her boyfriend's house. She had taken a change of clothes with her," said Pooley.

Salinas never made it to her boyfriend's house.

"We got a call at 3:44 in the morning about a car accident almost a mile away from her house," Pooley said.

"A vehicle had hit the median and then sped away. By the time we found the car, it was was a block away from Salinas' house with two flat tires."

Police believe Salinas was driving the vehicle.

"We think that when Salinas hit the median on her way to her boyfriend's house, she turned around to drive back home. She couldn't go all the way, because her two tires were punctured, so she got out of the car," said Pooley.

That is when police believe the woman disappeared.

"The last text Salinas sent was to her boyfriend at 4:43 Saturday morning. She told him she was on her way," said Pooley. "Her phone went dead at 5:07 later that morning."

Investigators have interviewed Salinas' boyfriend, roommates, family members and classmates.

"We have done a pretty large canvas of the entire neighborhood," Pooley said. "Detectives are following up and looking at her cellphone records, emails and social media accounts."

Pooley would not get into specific details regarding the case but told the police had no leads.