Authorities thought they were pulling over an impaired driver. It was actually a 5-year-old boy

“It was pretty clear when the window came down, that it was an underage driver.”

A Utah Highway Patrol Trooper got quite a surprise when he went to pull over a swerving car Monday afternoon.

Trooper Rick Morgan tells ABC News, he “didn’t know what to expect,” as he approached the vehicle. He thought he was going to be dealing with an impaired driver but instead approached a five-year-old behind the wheel.

“It was pretty clear when the window came down, that it was an underage driver,” said Morgan.

Trooper Morgan says after he helped the boy put the car in park, he seemed a little emotional. He explains the boy told him he was going to his sister’s house in California and that he wanted to buy a Lamborghini.

According to the UHP, the boy was traveling at an average speed of 32 miles per hour as traffic was moving slowly around him.

Once the trooper found a way to contact his parents, they came to the scene and claimed full custody of the boy, who was originally supposed to be looked after by his sibling while his parents were at work.

The boy’s parents told the Utah Highway Patrol that this is the first time he had every done anything like this.

The UHP also says, the boy got access to the car keys, as they were left on a hook at home.

“I do think he had had a life’s lesson today,” said Trooper Morgan.