Baby Girl Born With Full Head of Hair Becomes Internet Star

When Isabelle Kaplan was born, she had a full head of hair. Really, really full.

— -- When Isabelle Kaplan was born, she had a full head of hair -- really, really full.

In the two-and-a-half months since her birth, Isabelle’s hair has only grown more full, and appears to be perfectly coiffed.

David Kaplan said he and his wife thought it was funny that people thought their daughter was a boy. Some of the memes even feature her with a moustache.

The couple from Redwood City, California, eventually figured out how her photo went viral.

“It turned out was my cousin saw that picture on Facebook and he just thought her hair looked so funny for a baby -- that it looked like a news anchor or something, and so he posted it on Reddit,” Kaplan, a 34-year-old web developer, told ABC News on Thursday.

Kaplan said his mother remembers that he, too, was born with a similarly thick head of hair.

“She even remembers me being three-months-old and already thinking that she might need to cut my hair because it was kind of going into my eyes a little bit,” he said.

While Isabelle’s grandparents aren’t amused about some of the memes –- Kaplan said there’s one that envisions his infant daughter as the fierce comic book character, Wolverine -– he doesn’t mind one bit.

In fact, Kaplan says he and his wife are pleased that the photo is proving to be a source of joy for others.

“We’re just kind of proud that she’s getting all this attention,” Kaplan said.