Beloved Pet Chicken Thinks She Is a Dog

Meet "Pudder Dudder," a silky black hen.

— -- A West Virginia woman's "silky black hen" has been getting a lot of attention for her antics. The bird, it appears, acts and behaves like a dog.

Jessie Allen told ABC News today that she got the chicken last spring and named her "Pudder Dudder." Ever since she brought the chicken home, Pudder Dudder has followed Allen everywhere.

The adventurous bird, who Allen describes as "just a big ball of fluff," has been camping, fishing and even took a ride on motorcycle.

"She is a sweet little thing, she loves to be with people," Allen said. "She loves driving in the car and I can put her in my purse when we go out. She won’t move."

The chicken also loves being pampered, Allen added.

"I give her baths, I put her under the blow-dryer, she will sit under the blow-dryer until she gets dry and she loves it," Allen said. "She loves to be brushed. Sometimes I put gel on her head to make her look like she has Mohawk."

The chicken's favorite treat? Cheese.

"Every time I go to the refrigerator she thinks she is going to get cheese," Allen said. But that's not all.

"She’ll drink coffee with me in the morning," Allen said.

One time, Allen sheepishly admitted, she fed Pudder Dudder a piece of fried chicken. "She loved it," Allen said.

"I have raised chickens for years," Allen explained. "She is more loving than any other chicken I’ve ever had. She is very gentle like that."

Allen said Pudder Dudder is quite the celebrity around town. She's always stopped by local residents for photos.