Bernie Sanders Releases 'New York Values' Ad

The campaign focused specifically on the Empire State.

April 11, 2016, 7:19 AM

— -- As the presidential candidates compete for votes in the New York primary next week, the Bernie Sanders campaign released a new ad Sunday night labeling him as a true New Yorker.

"New York what makes it think bigger? Go bolder? Push for a living wage that’s higher?” a narrator asks under pictures of subways, bridges, construction workers and children at play.

"Tuition-free public college. Justice that works for all. For a middle class that must be saved.”

The ad transitions to shots of young people in Sanders' crowds, with him at his podium. Younger voters have been a dedicated voting bloc of the Vermont senator's throughout the primary race.

"New York values, forged in New York. Brooklyn born. Native son. Who knows what we know: we’re all in this together,” the 30-second spot concludes.

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