Best man whose deployment was delayed surprises best friend on wedding day

A.J. White's deployment got delayed, so he made proper use of his extra time.

Newlyweds Steven and Lauren Marec are grateful for the person who recently crashed their wedding: the groom’s best friend and best man, Anthony White.

White, also known as A.J., is a member of the U.S. Army. He found out two months before the wedding that he would be getting deployed overseas. And yet, even with that much time to find a new best man, Steven Marec decided not to.

It turns out his decision was the right one. Two days before the wedding, A.J. found out his deployment would be delayed.

A.J. decided to keep it a secret from the groom, and on their wedding day, he surprised him. The emotional moment was caught on camera.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Marec," A.J., wearing his Army uniform, said as the couple walked down a pathway toward the other groomsmen.

"Bro!" Steven Marec can be heard saying before breaking down into tears and hugging his best friend.

And like that, a priceless moment started off an unforgettable day.