Book excerpt: Roselyn Keo's 'The Sophisticated Hustler'

An excerpt from Roselyn Keo's new book.

ByABC News
September 13, 2019, 1:04 PM

The following passage is an excerpt from "The Sophisticated Hustler: When The Alpha Female Takes On Wall Street" by Roselyn Keo. Published with permission.

I was very diligent and organized with the rotation of my Rolodex.

I was a sophisticated hustler who had a lot of haters at work because I was doing the job right. The hate gave me the fuel to endure the fire. I was also a flashy kind of girl. I always had an appetite for nice cars and rims. There was nothing modest about me.

I had regulars at Flashdancers, men who wanted to see me each time they came in. I always attracted the sad type. Some of them seemed to want me on more of a personal level outside the club. The ones who actually wanted me as their girlfriend were relentless in their pursuit to secure a relationship with me.

PHOTO: Book cover for Roselyn Keo's "The Sophisticated Hustler."
Book cover for Roselyn Keo's "The Sophisticated Hustler."
Roselyn Keo/Alex Gonzalez

I would feed them lines like, “I’ve been hurt before”, “I don’t trust guys”, “If you really want me to date you, you would have to really work at it. It’s gonna take time and patience.” My customers, better known as “custys”, were persistent, non-aggressive, and willing to be “patient” while paying me very well for my time. Some of them dated dancers in the past so they knew the rules but also believed I was attainable. I got to know some of them, the real them.

Once I discovered what the customer needed on an emotional level, I’d transform into just that. I toyed with their mental and emotional state to get what I wanted.

It was like the girls always told me, If you don’t, someone else will.