Boston Yeti: How It Spends the Summer and the 'Foolproof' Way to Survive a Hot Summer

"Summer in Boston for a Yeti has its ups and downs," it said.

— -- Remember the Boston yeti?

The yeti then quickly become a social media sensation by bringing joy to Bostonians during the harsh cold, all while still hiding its identity.

The yeti, who told ABC News over the winter that snow is "a Yeti's natural habitat," is now opening up about how he -- or she? -- handles Boston in the summer.

The yeti told ABC News it spends the summer gathering things for the winter, going to the beach, hiking and relaxing in its hammock.

But be warned: According to the yeti, any recent sightings at Boston events are imitators.

"I haven't been out in public since the winter," the yeti said.

The yeti took time out to answer some of ABC News' questions:

Today is 86 degrees in Boston with 40 percent humidity, according to the National Weather Service. So what is Boston in the summer like for a yeti?

Summer in Boston for a yeti has its ups and downs. I'm not a fan of the humidity, but aside from that it's not so bad. Some of the local ice rinks deposit leftover ice behind their buildings (sometimes huge mounds!) that I enjoy sitting atop or even sliding down. The Skating Club of Boston on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton is a great place for this!

What's your favorite season?

That's an easy one: I prefer winter! Autumn is nice, too. I love Halloween. I think this year I'm going to dress up like a human. Do you think I'd look good in skinny jeans?

How does a yeti survive a heat wave? Any tips?

How long have you lived in Boston?

I've lived in and around Boston for many years. Some have even commented on my thick Boston accent. I don't hear it myself. "Graaaaahhhhl" instead of "Growwwwl" -- that sort of thing. But I do love this city. You might be surprised to know we have lots of lush green areas not far from the city center. I prefer those spots to the hustle and bustle of downtown.

How does the heat this summer compare to previous years?