Bystanders jump into water in California to help rescue 2 people and a dog from sinking car

A lifeguard from the Long Beach fire department also helped.

Bystanders joined rescue workers in jumping into water to save two people and a dog from a sinking car after the driver accidentally crashed through a guardrail at the marina in Long Beach, California, according to an eyewitness and authorities.

Jeff Jones, a captain with a boat-towing service at the marina, recorded video of rescuers rushing to save the passengers in the incident around 1 p.m. Saturday.

“I heard a noise and turned around, and I saw a car drive right past me through a guardrail and into the water,” said Jones. “I’m usually the person who would jump in to help but I had major surgery 10 days ago. So I ran to the long beach fire and lifeguard station, which was literally right there.”

Lifeguards and others from the city fire department also responded.

A statement from the Long Beach Fire Department says, "LBFD Lifeguard units responded to reports of a submerged vehicle just after 1 PM [Saturday]. Lifeguard and vessel assist personnel arrived and made water entry and extricated an elderly couple from the vehicle. Couple was treated on scene and released. Accident under investigation."

The video doesn't show the entire incident, but Jones said that the rescuers were able to pull the two people and dog through the car doors without having to break any windows.

“Everything went really smoothly. I spoke to one of the passengers afterwards, and he said it felt like everything happened in slow motion. It felt like it was not a big deal,” said Jones.